Kostika Spaho

Kostika Spaho

Portland, OR, US



The owner of this building, Mr. Himanshu Bhatnagar, hired me in the April of 2012, to do some graphic design work. Two weeks later he sends me an urgent email regarding interior design for office space, which he needed to show to a potential client. At this time Mr. Bhatnagar’s Architect, Mr. Satish Dhingra is not available, therefore, I quickly put together a plan and emailed Himanshu four hours later.

The following week, the Architect, Mr. Dhingra and I met and got to know each other. Soon after, Mr. Dhingra saw how fast I could put together plans in Revit, and decided to allow me to convert his hand-drawings into the digital world.
Since then, I have been doing a lot of the interior design for the remaining empty spaces in the building, underlining a law office, two insurance offices a restaurant, and recently, the overall parking
plan, for which I also attended and participated in the city’s board meetings.

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Status: Built
Location: Lowell, MA, US
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: Himanshu Bhatnagar (Owner/Mentor), Satish Dhingra (Licensed Architect)