Kostika Spaho

Kostika Spaho

Portland, OR, US


Tahoe House

One evening, as I was presenting wine at a wine tasting party, I engaged into conversation with a gentleman by the name of John.  Somewhere into the conversation, I mentioned that I had recently graduated and was looking for an architecture job.  He smiled and said to me that he did not know of any architects, but had some thirty year old plans for a house, which him and his partner already bought the land for.  Then he asked me if I would be interested in reviving these plans in order to take them to a contractor.  At this time, it had been two months since I graduated and was still working at a wine store, so I said yes.  We met in a few days over coffee, and this was the beginning of the Tahoe House.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mineral Springs Loop, Near Lake Tahoe, Reno, CA, United States
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: Evelyn and George Kosmak, who did the initial diagrams thirty years ago, but the project never received execution.