Rosa Herrero

Rosa Herrero

Madrid, ES



The challenge was to design a building with a senior center and a primary school inside an artificial peninsula in the Kinderwerk neighborhood in Almere. This is a new city whose master plan was produced by OMA following an interesting rule which required that space be left for future generations.
My first choice was to approach the building to the city in order to connect with the future longitudinal park of Gooimmearijk-West and create a new attraction focus. The future users of the building are children and the elderly so the equipment has to be situated near-by. 
The building is conceived as a “map-building” activity. The pieces are piled like in a construction game and generate two patios protected against the cold wind, which is common at the site. There are self-supporting boxes made from a light metal structure where each activity takes p. The weather is often rainy so the two patios are covered by projections. Kids move in the first levels and in the greener boxes, while the elders have the uppers levels for themselves.
The intergenerational exchange is free, nothing is imposed, and users decide when and where they meet the others. They can do the same activities but still experience them differently.

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Status: School Project
Location: Almere, Holland