Rosa Herrero

Rosa Herrero

Madrid, ES



The project is located in Berlin, in the Matthäkirchplatz between the Mies Van der Rohe gallery and the Scharoun’s Philharmony. Our challenge was to deal with these disparate constructions while building an architecture museum. The museum plays the role of mediator, standing neutral and in perfect harmony with the masterpieces that surround it.

My proposal is to create a square-building to admire the two masterpieces, rest, read, play...
Its aim is to restore a “town commons” feel and give priority to pedestrians, creating a celebrated public amenity and increasing real-estate values in the area.
The top of the building creates an artificial topography following by Mies’s traces. Two patios articulate the program and create different routes. Playing with the different planes of the roof light is introduced in different ways through the cracks left by the voids. Concrete is chosen for its massif character and texture possibilities as well as its durability.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, DE