Rosa Herrero

Rosa Herrero

Madrid, ES



We were invited to analyze seven different spots in this village located in the south of Paris bordering the city’s ring road. Based on our conclusions, we designed an urban intervention to improve the area values or solve its problems.
Ivry is a village on the Seine’s riverside. The growing city eventually absorbed the village and made it part of the Paris urban agglomeration, but instead of becoming a new neighborhood it has preserved its unique and revolutionary character. They remain politically independent.
On the border of Vitry-sur-Seine, I observed an unusual no-man’s land that created an important break. The block was surrounded by the military fort‘s moat which nowadays is used as an urban garden for the inhabitants. My proposal focuses on tying together the two urban areas by creating a mixed-use development. The super-sized block is divided into four pieces, and integrates housing, administrative offices, shops, and a secondary school. The sculptural form tends to disperse upwards as it approaching the green spaces. The city is transformed into nature inspired by Echer’s drawings.
There are five different housing typologies to allow social interaction. The facade is composed of mobile panels to improve the thermal comfort.

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, FR