Rosa Herrero

Rosa Herrero

Madrid, ES



The site is located on the Thames’ riverside in Canary Warf in London. It is the new Financial Center of London made to relieve in the congestion the famous city. The buildings are very large and tall, and here is where Britain’s tallest skyscraper is located. On the other side we find Rotherhithe, a typical English residential neighborhood.
The proposal connects the two sides. Nowadays there are only two possible ways to cross: by boat paying $7, or taking the subway. If you want to go by foot, you have to spend almost two hours walking because the closest bridge is the Tower Bridge six miles away. By building a habituated-bridge this urban problem can be solved, and the site becomes more accessible.
The program is divided in ten pieces different only in size, but they keep always the same proportions in order to simplify construction and make it cheaper. this square makes access up the slope easier and serves as a service garage. The center also allows the Thames National Trail to continue, which is a path designed to demonstrate the beauty of this important river. Thus, it creates new connections in the area.
The structure is the argument that generates the formalization of the project. The containers support the bridge with a triangular iron structure that is supported by concrete piers.
It will become a new London icon, reinforcing the city’s important role in global arts.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB