Jorge Chavez

Jorge Chavez

Chicago, IL, US


tree studios 2

Tree Studios 2 is an artist community that provides live/work spaces for local artists as well as students attending the nearby Old School Town of Folk Music.  The community was developed out of low income artists' need for spaces that not only function as living quarters, but also as areas that foster creativity.

The project consists of 2 towers built on the north and south side of a 11,000 sf central courtyard with 32 live/work units: 19 two-bedroom, 8 three-bedroom and 5 one-bedroom.  24 units are arranged as 2-story spaces with the remaining 8 as single story spaces in order to satisfy ADA requirements.  The project also features a 5,000 sf art gallery and 4,000 sf workshop.  In addition, the community also features fitness rooms, laundry facilities, parking for 100 cars and 9,450 sf of leasable commercial space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US