Miguel Rosario, LEED Green Associate

Miguel Rosario, LEED Green Associate

New York, NY, US



This is an interior renovation of a 1,750sf storefront office space funded by a grant from LMDC.   Although LES is known for its pre-historical preservation and rustic interiors, we were able to propose a fairly unique modern design because the space was part of newly constructed building.  Therefore, we felt the need to treat the space as one of the future, keeping it fairly open and accenting it with a well detailed partial height curved wall, mirrored by a dropped ceiling that synergistically creates the  plenum for the mechanical system.  The curve was influenced by the existing shape of the space.  It creates an inviting and harmonious flow thru the space telling/narrating a story as it draws you thru the spatial program. The curve houses the reception desk at the front, several work stations and two open office spaces.  In addition the remainder of the space includes a sales area, gallery wall, kitchenette, meeting/multi-purpose, restroom, and executive office.    

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Status: Built
Location: 54 Orchard Street, New York, NY