Miguel Rosario, LEED Green Associate

Miguel Rosario, LEED Green Associate

New York, NY, US



This was the concept design for a luxurious Spa Condominium with commercial spaces and services on the ground floor and condominiums above.  The concept consists of two cubic colored glass volumes extruded out of a larger solid cubic base.  The hallway/circulating space at the ground floor would function as gallery.  The two solid masses extruded and sheltered within the glass volumes act as independent islands surrounded by water at the ground level. Landing pads allow you to enter the volumes and circulate thru cantilevering stair risers that are extruded from the volumes, providing access to the levels above.  The light that reflects off of the bodies of water will create interesting auroral-like light & shadow affects within the ground floor.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Seoul, KR