Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer Cheng

Glendora, CA, US


ARC 452

For this Digital Design Media course we learned the basics of Autodesk 3ds Max and were instructed to recreate a chair and then create an environment within the program to render the object in.

The chair featured is the fx 10 lounge chair by Thomas Feichtner.

The FX 10 Lounge Chair is composed of a series of modular
surfaces that form one whole chair. Each surface of the
chair is upholstered in leather separately and then joined
together forming no seams. Its parts are easily interchangeable.
This modular lounge chair can be easily mass produced
quickly because there is no time consuming sewing to fit the
leather upholstery over the entire form.
The form of the chair emulates a rectangular prism that is offset
in the center to create the seat for the chair. The chair itself
when viewed from multiple perspectives appears to be
a mirrored image of the top and front views creating essentially
an optical illusion. The sculptural character of the chair is achieved
by creating a closely knit composition of planes and surfaces
giving the lounge chair a crystal-like quality.

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Status: School Project