Jennifer Cheng

Jennifer Cheng

Glendora, CA, US


ARC 102L: Material Calisthenics: A Flexible Skin

Bass wood sticks were used to build a structural frame translated from the final skin. The frame is based on the geometry developed for the self-supporting skin and is built at the same scale. The joint type I chose to connect the bass wood pieces together was the Butt Joint. The butt joint enables the
structure to retain its stability but still allow the model to vary its form. My bass wood model is able to collapse and expand freely on an x and y axis but it does have its limits. It may procure almost every shape and obtain simplicity and complexity in multi-forms but it cannot transform into any form that
defies the 2-dimensional x and y axis plane. The skins had to have the ability to warp but still be able to retain its shape without the aid of glue. Semi - transparent skins were suggested to lend more flexibility to the overall structure. The completed skin looks like it is part of a larger surface, which in reality changes as the system repeats

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Status: School Project