Annaliet Pino

Annaliet Pino

Miami, FL, US


The Contemporary Dance Institute

In the heart of Old Havana, Cuba, daily life is enriched by the juxtaposition of activities and elements. The dense fabric houses the residents, gives the artist space to be inspired and provides the visitor with a picturesque image to remember. Dance is uniquely experienced throughout the city. This project proposes a place for dance to celebrate the daily Cuban life. The project explores the relationship between the movements of dance and the rhythms of daily life through spatial choreography and physical composition of space. I intend to create an architecture that enables the artist dancer to transform and to be transformed by daily life. The proposal articulates ideas from The Poetics of Space and The Eyes of the Skin by Gaston Bachelard and Juhani Pallasmaa respectively. The senses, the body in space, memory and imagination are some of the elements that will be examined from the readings. The Contemporary Dance Institute of Havana will be located on Mercaderes Street between Old Plaza and the Cathedral.

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Status: School Project
Location: Havana, Cuba