Annaliet Pino

Annaliet Pino

Miami, FL, US


Ambiguous Chair

The concept behind the ambiguous chair emerged after one of my trips to New York. I found myself intrigued by an intricate wall piece in a building lobby made with folded strips of acetate held together in tension. As I would move across the room the piece would seem to move with the light. The following summer I enrolled in a furniture design class where I decided to further explore the idea of an altered perception through light. The ambiguous chair is designed to alter the perception of the user. The chair features multiple uses. It has seating combined with a side table and a side wall. The wall however, deals with questions of boundary and privacy. While it was extremely hard to build due to the level of intricacy in the acetate, in concept it would chage the viewer’s perception as any individual would aproach the wall. The entire chair was made in layers of plywood which made the labor extremely time consuming. Given another opportunity to explore materials, the same design would have been more successful with a lighter material, perhaps a plastic.

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Status: Built