Annaliet Pino

Annaliet Pino

Miami, FL, US


Nature's Sanctuary Spa

Genuine beauty is found in the natural landscape. Nature beholds and extraordinary network : a comprehensive language of earth, water, air, and light acknowledged by the human body. “We behold, touch, listen, and measure the world with our entire bodily existence and the experiential  world becomes organized and articulated around the centre of the body” The Sanctuary is the amplified experience of nature’s most genuine moments present at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida. “ The authenticity of architectural experience is grounded in the tectonic language of building and comprehensibility of the act of construction to the senses” Juhani Pallasma.The design of the spa emerges from a complex language between the human body and the tree. The Spa not only embraces the existing landscape, but it accentuates its experience by introducing other elements such as water and light. Overall, the experience at Nature’s Sanctuary should be a sensory one.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lake Wales, Florida