Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard

Hallstead, PA, US


Harvesting Irrigation Ecologies

Harvesting Irrigation Ecologies:

Mitigating Extreme Weather Events

School of Architecture Final Project - 2011


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Harvesting irrigation ecologies utilizes the existing irrigation infrastructure within the city of Sukkur to mitigate opposing flood and drought conditions through the interdependence of hydrological, ecological, economic, and social variables.

Periods of flood and drought are expected to increase in frequency and intensity in the near future, and the current irrigation system provides no opportunity to harness seasonal and event-based shifts in water levels.  A series of natural ecologies and alternative industries will rely on these artificial canals to alter hydrological relationships and increase biodiversity and urban interaction within the site. Water storage, water filtration, and access to safe drinking water are achieved through natural ecologies such as riverine forests, wetlands, and moringa plantations, supplemented with artificial systems integrated with the existing infrastructure.

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Status: School Project
Location: Sukkur, PK