Ross Vogel

Ross Vogel

Charlotte, NC, US


Catawba Conservatory


        The complex consists of a kayak center, gallery & lecture hall, and offices. Its purpose is to educate the community about the effects of human impact in regards to the Catawba River.


        Two creeks from the northern part of the site, and continue to flow downward through the site, and intersect one another at the southern end. Three "points of circulation" define the creeks' functionality. Two mark the formation of the individual creeks, and the third marks their interception. From this understanding, the complex incorporates the creeks' language to develop its form and circulation. The three "points" of the creeks represent the primary functional spaces for the conservatory's design: lobby, offices, and auditorium. The lobby and offices define the entrances into the building, and the auditorium represents the final movement in which these two paths merge. The three primary spaces are bridged by two gallery spaces, which provide a smooth transition throughout the building, as well as visual interest to the creeks below. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Huntersville, NC, US