Ross Vogel

Ross Vogel

Charlotte, NC, US



        My name is Ross Vogel. Although I seek a position as an architectural intern, I wish to accomplish the most out of Architecture, than merely meeting the minimum hours required towards licensure. This passion developed at an early age, where design tools consisted of a Strathmore Sketchpad and a #2 pencil. Coming from a small town in Georgia, Historic Residential Architecture became my foundation for design. The hundred empty pages in my sketchpad were soon filled with sketches of homes, varying in style and scale. This drawing fixation sparked two goals of mine: to become an Architect, and design & build the ultimate dream house. My dream house is unique because it already exists somewhere, which strengthens my motivation to discover it. I believe in the Art of Restoration. Why build when a majority of today’s building footprint remains unoccupied? The real art to design is creating something new that compliments the existing style and character of the old.

        Although I favor Residential Architecture, I am diverse and open-minded to all fields. Design is limitless. Therefore, I value an environment where a designer’s creativity is recognized and cherished for developing new ideas of materiality and form. Architecture should create an interactive experience with its user, and suggest opportunities for technology, sustainability, and efficiency to evolve. In comparison, I completed an outdoor gallery space for an international design competition in Austin, Texas. My design incorporated an ordinary industrial material of ductwork, making the project affordable and recyclable. The ductwork is employed to carry sound, allowing the community to become part of the architecture. This sample, along with many others, illustrates my diversity and thinking process towards architecture.

        Feel free to browse through my online portfolio, []. I’ve selected projects that illustrate my value, vision, and contribution to architecture. Thank you for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Priest Architecture, Charlotte, NC, US, Freelance Designer

I worked as a Freelance Designer for a specific client. The project consisted of designing a private school [K-12]. What made this project unique was the client's approval to recycle two existing warehouses on site, into classroom spaces.

Jul 2011 - current

Big Block Builders, INC, Charlotte, NC, US, Painter

I currently paint exterior/ interior finishes of residential properties until I find a steady position with an architectural firm.

Jun 2011 - current

VOGEL Designs, Charlotte, NC, US, Freelance Designer

I provide Architectural designs for clients, which include plan/section drafting, 3D models/renders.

Jan 2011 - current

Fickling Architectural Services, Macon, GA, US, Architectural Intern

I provided clients with 3D models and renders for all proposed plans and sections. I currently provide freelance work for any excess of projects at hand.

Jun 2010 - current


University of North Carolina, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2006 - May 2011


TOGS3 Competition, Honorable Mention

The third annual Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space Ideas Competition (TOGS 3) enhances the global dialogue between art and architecture while offering emerging professionals in the fields of architecture and design the opportunity to garner international attention. This Ideas Competition generates innovative proposals for a temporary outdoor structure that will function simultaneously as an exhibition space and as an architectural exhibition.

This competition accepted a total of 177 entries internationally. I placed 6th. My designs were on show at an exhibition during the summer of 2010 in Austin, Texas.


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