Christian Haahs

Christian Haahs

Champaign, IL, US




Atlanta Run CLub, Atlanta, GA, US, Creative Director

Brand Development & Content Creation
- Created the brand visual identity including look & feel, creative direction, photography style, etc.
- Concepted & executed 10 brand campaigns that ran across social media platforms & ultimately drove growth from 0 to 400+ followers & 8,000+ impressions in 1 month
- Designed & produced all brand apparel with the first collection selling out in 24 hours
- Drove brand partnerships leading to collaborations with brands such as Patagonia, GUK, Bamboo Juices, Sweet Hut, & Food Terminal

Event Production
Produced 12 events including 8 runs, 1 social & 3 branded partnership runs with over 400 unique participants

May 2018 - current

Christian Haahs LLC, Atlanta, GA, US, Founder

Campaign Development
- Creative directed & shot all visual content on Uber Eat’s website and mobile application for the Urbana - Champaign area for the regional launch [Spring 2018]
- Collaborated with brands such as Parkland MFG, Andar Wallets, & Alabaster Co on campaigns ranging from seasonal product launches to website content providing lifestyle photography

- Featured in over 27 publications and/or websites such as Fjällräven, Patagonia, Uber Eats, Hypebeast Magazine, Alabasterco, Andar Wallets, Parkland MFG, Bootea UK, and more.
- Curated a gallery with singer/songwriter Frank Leone of which was published by Hypebeast Magazine upon release

- Conceptualized, directed, & edited Uzuhan’s music video featuring Korean hip-hop artist pH-1 with a team of 6 crew members & 60+ extras

Instagram: @Haahs_
Annual Page Views: 9,325,300
Annual Unique Visitors: 2,224,400
Total Like Count: 202,800
Follower Count, 10,100
Total Page Views: 17,000/Year
Unique Site Visitors: 6,500/Year

Uber Eats
Patagonia ATL
Hypebeast Magazine
University of Illinois UC
Parkland MFG
Andar Wallets
Flying Machine Coffee
Triptych Brewing
Riggs Beer Company
Huraches Moroleon
Boneyard Arts Festival
8 To Create
Carle Hospital
Frank Leone
Bootea UK
Art Coop
Crane Alley
Slim Chickens

Mar 2016 - current

Adjacency, Urbana, IL, US, Senior Photographer

- Responsible for all field shooting & post processing for companies’ marketing content
- Photographed and blogged for over 25 businesses, including retail, dining, coffee, & technology
- Responsible for UIUC Japan House’s digital marketing and event coverage
- Senior photographer for events covering the UIUC Dean, Nick Offerman, & Jennifer Gunji-Ballsrud
- Head of social media platforms for Urbana Love to increase engagement and online presence

Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

Raw Design & Build, Arusha, TZ, Architectural Designer

- Designed and constructed an orphan home for disabled teens in the Neemah Village with a group of peers and local contractors over the course of 5 weeks
- Hand crafted material and building components including CMU, reinforcement bar, trusses, and roofing with limited tools
- Communicated with local residents and workers in order to design around practical and contextual building desires

Jun 2016 - Jul 2016


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, US, Bachelors, Bachelor's of Science of Architectural Studies

Aug 2014 - current


Earl Prize, Nomination


Areas of Specialization