Christian Haahs

Christian Haahs

Champaign, IL, US


Junior Studio - Urban Studio Project 02

Upon observation of the site, one discomfort was clearly noted. Though the architecture surrounding the site was appealing in design, the environment was cluttered and congested. Due to the close proximity of buildings with each other, the area felt dense and uncomfortable. The program was to design a space for occupants to be productive; therefore, it was appropriate to design a building that would create convenience and accessibility to achieve this goal. The building was design to be a place of relief, both in relation to its environment and as a tone throughout the building. This is noted in its form and function.

The form itself contains three aspects of architecture, sunken architecture, stairs, and ramps. These aspects of form were documented as spatially relieving architecture, therefore incorporated into the design. In function, almost all of the roof is accessible to create great open space that could be used as circulation or destination. The enclosed courtyard also provides visual exits from almost anywhere in the building, providing a view of great relief while studying. This idea was to create peaceful presence and atmosphere for the occupants who are working within the building. The design is to positively influence the community as a space and persons by adding relief to a highly congested and busy space. This project can be concluded in question - “what could be more encouraging while being productive than to feel emotions of relief and peace when entering, occupying, and exiting the space in which productivity occurs?"a

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Status: School Project