Christian Haahs

Christian Haahs

Champaign, IL, US


Junior Studio - Urban Studio Project 01

The site, prior to this design, contained an existing prairie garden. The garden was without many formal properties and was full of only trees, small plants, and short wire fences that would perimeter a path. This garden was full of air and negative space, creating a delightful visual link between N. Chestnut street and N. Market Street.

There were two aspects to the existing site and its surrounding environment

that was to be maintained in the design of this cafe / bookstore hybrid. Rather than filling the alley that created a visual and spacial openness between a dense urban area with 4 opaque walls, this building was designed to capture those concepts. Vertical and horizontal beams that run over and along the building are supported with class and beams that conclude a clear open and breathable space through the entire space. Also, the ground floor and second floor are open to one another in multiple areas. The program minimizes opaque walls and enclosed spaces, especially in the longitudinal direction.

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Status: School Project
Location: Champaign, IL, US