Christian Haahs

Christian Haahs

Champaign, IL, US


Junior Studio - Landscape Studio Project 02

Located in Urbana, Illinois in a local arboretum, this pavilion considers its environmental and periodic context. The arboretum is home to the University of Illinois’ Japan house, garden, and more. The inspiration behind the building’s form derives from culture and functionality. Before the 1950’s, it was expected for extended families to share a single home divided into multiple units. These homes were composed of dierent wings accumulating into a U-like shape that had a shared common space in the middle for connecting. In the 21st century, this generational culture is returning. The ethnic culture of this arboretum and the time this building was designed lead to mimicking this design, but interpreted for its respective site. The Japanese styled pavilion with an elevated foundation that is planar throughout separates the property of the structure from its environment, symbolizing change in space. The spaces are divided into three main areas- the gallery, the oce, and the outdoor patio. Large glass curtain walls visually link the dierent spaces, creating a wholesome view from almost any point in the property. The large concrete walls on the East, North, And West side enclose the entire structure to keep it privatized from exterior pedestrians and unwanted sun lighting. The East and West walls also oer visual aid to direct attention to the layers of water dened by the reective pool and pond. Trees were added to the Northern side of the building to buer cold winds in Illinois. The combination of glass and concrete material are intended to create dierent elements of lightness and heaviness that come together as a consistent composition in structure. Wide roof slabs create extra shading for parts of the patio area, which could be utilized for a wide range of events and purposes. This enriched experience complies with ADA standards and adds deep culture of time and ethnicity to this valued part of Urbana, Illinois.

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Status: School Project
Location: Champaign, IL, US