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Oulu, FI


Villa Ryysyranta

Villa Ryysyranta is a private villa design amidst unique and fragile beach landscape consisting of sand, lichen and rocks.

The villa has a responsible relationship with the surrounding nature as it’s designed to subtly fit into the island’s unique beach landscape with the beach vegetation to remain mainly untouched. Architecturally, the villa is a contemporary continuation of the island’s traditional building heritage – that of the hoary small-scale fisher village cottages.

The sparsely placed building masses create a small-scale appearance and therefore the structure won’t overshadow the nature. As all of our projects, the villa is designed with the terrain of the plot in mind with high-quality, contemporary solutions.

The outdoor areas play a remarkable role as the large openings of the structure invite the scenery inside. The glazed terraces prolong the enjoyment of the outdoors on windy autumn weather. The island’s extreme weather conditions were taken into account in every aspect – even the layout of the building masses form beneficial, sheltered microclimates.

The facades consist of untreated larch – also in the upper roof, with the indoors utilizing oil-treated larch through-out. The untreated larch turns grey over time – thus rooting the structure firmly with its surroundings.

architect and principal design
162 m²

Published in:
Välkommen till framtiden (ISBN 978-91-978861-3-0) 2016

Exhibited in:
WOOD 2016 - Virserum Art Museum, Sweden

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Status: Unbuilt