Nathan Burgett

Nathan Burgett

Glendora, CA, US

Final Presentation Poster
Final Presentation Poster

Urban Infill for Furniture Showroom


"The assignment is to design a new building at Frederiksberggade 38. Paustian is a furniture manufacturing company situated in the northern end of the harbour, and it’s new building should contain showrooms and related facilities (offices, etc.). The design should enhance the overall branding of the company label as well as the sales. Paustian wants a unique design representing the quality of the furniture on sale. However, it should also respect and contribute to the architecture of the historical center of Copenhagen. It is a wish that the building appears distinct and the showroom is visually open to the thousands of bypassing pedestrians."

I wanted to study the play of shadows along the facade which led me to modulating the facade.  This led me to the idea of having a blank facade with windows along the the sides of the modulations.  I decided to do this because the streets of downtown Copenhagen are fairly narrow, so while walking down the street, you don't really see the full facade anyway.  My design would let you see into the showroom while walking down the street.

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Status: School Project
Location: Copenhagen, DK