Natura Futura Arquitectura

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Guayaquil, EC


The Provider Productive Center

The building as a generator of habitable and productive systems in urban centers. Currently, 55% of people in the world live in cities. According to a new report from the Organization of the United Nations, it is estimated that this proportion will increase up to 13 % in heading to 2050, so that sustainable development will increasingly depend on the appropriated management of the urban growth, thinking on more compact cities and not dispersed, especially in low- and middle-income countries which are the ones that will lead the process.

The city of Montalvo, Los Rios province – Ecuador, is an intermediate city with approximately 16 thousand inhabitants; this city-based its economic development on trade and agriculture. The normative code currently allows growth in height of up to a maximum of 6 floors, so one of the main challenges was to organize the multi-program requested by the clients within 5 floors, with the objective of diversifying the center; in contrast to the next-door residential low-density buildings.

The high-rise buildings have traditionally been developed using 100% of its available land use; for this reason, the project solves the sense of scale with strategies of setback, terraces, permeability and wide arcade, determining a position of lightness against the environment.

The family proposal was based on renewing their hardware supplies business and living spaces, leisure and rent.

The project is configured using a rectangular prism as basic geometry, in a lot of 12x20 that is located next to the local street market. The volume sets back on the ground floor in order to generate the traditional arcade, which receives and provides social interactions with the local market; while its middle floors follow the front urban profile of the pre-existing buildings. Above the commercial story, we will find the storage areas, residential area, event hall, leisure rooms, terraces and a viewpoint for the mountains contemplation that surrounds the city.

The balconies and terraces are developed in the 3rd and 4th floor, unified by a double permeable envelope in its entirety, formed by vegetation, glass windows, and local hand made exposed bricks; giving sieved lighting, purified natural ventilation. This ventilation is complemented by the “lungs” of the project; a triple-height skylight and air vents of 4m by 4m, which connects the sky with the social area.

The Provider reflects and sets strategies of compactness and diversification; highlighting the local techniques. A lecture of the context aims to contain a multi-program that responds sensitively with artisan materials, sustainable urban scales and dynamic ways of living. A space to provide and take refuge within the energetic development of the city.

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Status: Built
Location: Montalvo, EC
Firm Role: Architect