Natura Futura Arquitectura

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Guayaquil, EC


El Tallercito

Experimental, local and artisanal as resources of identity.

  • Architects: Natura Futura Arquitectura
  • Project: El Tallercito
  • Location: Babahoyo, Los Rios, Ecuador
  • Photography: Jose Fernando Gomez
  • Project Team: Carlos Viteri, Fausto Quiroz
  • Architect Interventor: José Fernando Gomez
  • Completion Date: 2015

Located in the city of Babahoyo, province of Los Rios, Ecuador, is a space for experimental production of architecture and design where it currently the study of Natura Futura architecture and design laboratory visual Urbanofacto operates. The project is built to share this space within a problematic city in need of cultural interests, as a response, creating into reality objectives much closer to art.

It is materiality constructive, experience new types of envelopes, using the composition as a tool of exploration with elements of local construction, common and low resources. To encourage the dialog with the outside, on the ground floor their openings are folded in its entirety, becoming a space of connection and convergence of activities, responding to a goal in its tectonic; finding a balance between the dense and lightweight, symmetrical and asymmetrical, the raw and the polished.

Leaving a space where you get new references to the adventure that means having a more complex vision of the possibilities conceived of the city, supported by presentations of documentaries, studio works, collective talks, works of drawings, urban interventions and alternative proposals.

El Tallercito opens up a whole new field of reading as we envision a place of presence and reflective action from the programming processes and shared experiences.

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Status: Built
Location: Babahoyo, EC