Natura Futura Arquitectura

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Guayaquil, EC


Canteria Urban Restaurant

The project arises from a series of interventions within the city, where work together young entrepreneurs in underutilized spaces or abandonment, betting on the vision of architecture as reactivator and generator of new experiences.

Located in the city of Babahoyo, Ecuador, Canteria seeks to establish a intermediation of encounters between the population, reactivate a uninhabited and turning it into a family restaurant, having as main objective be an element of circumstances and with the conjuncture city.

Defined in three main areas, the patio of double height that configures the outside next to the vertical garden, the ground floor containing the complementary services (kitchen, bathrooms, a cellar bar in bar and the upper floor together with terrace that is directly linked to the patio, protected by the translucent cover and wooden planks to pose the connections and metal beams.

Using labor and local materials such as wood, brick and stone of river, looking for the rescue and the reinterpretation of the way in which we use, and repowering and dignify for new uses.

Define a response of urban commerce that through different strategies such as the application of principles of sustainable design, are still in the process of searching for ways to question the possibility of having a solution of city closest to reality, to our traditions and the optimization of resources.

Canteria Urban Restaurant

Location: Babahoyo Ecuador

Year: 2018

Area: 160mts

Collaborators: Urbanofacto Lab, Galo Carrillo

Photography: Natura Futura

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Status: Built
Location: Babahoyo, EC