Natura Futura Arquitectura

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Guayaquil, EC


The House of Prayer

Architecture as an intermediary of encounter, reflection and restoration

Architects: Natura Futura Architecture

Location: Babahoyo, Los Ríos, Ecuador

Construction area: 200m2

Year project: 2018

Collaborations: Thalía Montero, Herman Lazore, Andrea Arizmendi, Fausto Quiroz

Photography: Natura Futura.

Light slides over space to satisfy man’s need for his faith. It requires a new prayer space, much wider and with characteristics for generates an identity of their own.

Located in Babahoyo, Provincia de los Rios, Ecuador. The five corners sector, young hood with security problems. This town has a population coming up since 20 years ago.

We work with very limited resources, which are achieved thanks to collections of the faithful, building not in an individual client but in a group.


One of the objectives of the space is to work with children, carry out workshops and sustainable practices, generating an appropriation of the citizenship of the space and allowing a process of surveillance of the sector. Although the construction of the House of Prayer is an exercise in inclusion, the space is not completely finished; its architecture will be in permanent construction, while funds are being collected to make more adjustments.


The idea of allowing a completely permeable architecture, which sustains the discourse of connecting the city, through particular features, which are weaving a more orderly and respectful idea of its materiality, entering the game of creating constructive systems in continuous experimentation.

Initially (at the begining) there was an old house in its place, in poor condition, from which wooden beams were demolished to be reused in the new proposal. For example, triangulation of tensioned beams, exposed brick masonry and painted zinc is observed. Wood in the facades worked in meshes allows transitions of light and permeability.

Natural light sneaks through the ceiling, bathes in the local altar and generates a shadow light relation in the interior.

Beyond the material result the architecture when it touches its subjects must reconcile emotions, make them be born, boil, burn, or simply generate states of calm, of peace, of silence.

 An architecture that goes beyond a material result makes the city part of it, connect and allow a series of emotions to motivate the spiritual rejoicing. Spaces that help the human being to his personal development, his spiritual enrichment and his healing.

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Status: Built
Location: Babahoyo, EC
Firm Role: Architects