Miljan Salata

Miljan Salata

Belgrade, Serbia


I prize / WWI monument / Cer mountain / 4mind

At that moment of reflection, above the crowns of the Cer and Grab forests, stands a monument to Serbia's victory in the First World War, frozen in time, bridging the past, present, and eternity.

The heroes of Serbia in the First World War rightfully deserve an authentic memorial complex, evoking the poignant imagery of victory through spatial and cultural symbolism.

Situated on Cer Mountain in the northwestern part of Serbia, on the right valley side of the Drina River, between the towns of Šabac and Loznica, this memorial complex commemorates the first battle of the Great War in August 1914.

Given its strategic location and historical significance, the urban layout is conceptually inspired by the deployment of Serbian armies prior to the Battle of Cer, interconnected by the rivers and valleys of western Serbia, serving as communication routes. The central position was held by the 2nd Serbian Army, led by General Stepo Stepanović, while the other two armies guarded against flanking attacks. This symbolic parallel emphasizes the importance of the horizontal line, which intersects at the "cross," serving as a central motif. Objects scattered thematically across the site represent divisions and regiments, unifying the space and serving as a backdrop to the museum's main entrance, symbolizing the breakthrough of the Cer battlefront. A winding, irregular forest pathway binds everything into a cohesive spatial unit.

The architectural concept is shaped by various factors, including symbolic historical significance, functionality, ecological considerations, and spatial sequences.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Author
Additional Credits: 4mind architects: Ilja Mikitišin, Igor Miktišin, Rajko Anđelić