Miljan Salata

Miljan Salata

Belgrade, Serbia


/ 3rd prize / Competition for "Paromlin" City library in Zagreb, Croatia . 

The solid buildings of Paromlin, a cultural monument deviating slightly from the planned matrix, superimpose the modern structure set to follow the development of the central pedestrian avenue, with materialization in the form of a reflective perforated curtain. This inverts perception by emphasizing the complexity of spatial relationships.

By placing the bigger part of the program below ground, the new city square area was established as the basis of the competition entry. Emphasizing the connection between the library and public space, the daily press reading room came to be a particular library living room, which allows a 24/7-dimension of content use.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Zagreb, HR
My Role: Co-author
Additional Credits: ZDL studio: Siniša Zdjelar, Antonija Plavotić, Ariana Antić, Miljan Salata, Marijana Bratović, Ana Kaftanoska, Zora Pajčin