Miljan Salata

Miljan Salata

Belgrade, Serbia


I prize / Grabovac Hotel / by ZDL studio

Explanation by ZDL architects:

Inspired by the local topography and indigenous plant species, in an area known for its exceptional natural beauty, the new Hotel Grabovac will emerge on a gentle slope among the hills covered with greenery as an oasis of peace, established in harmony between architecture and its immediate surroundings.

The formation of an inner courtyard and the merging of common facilities with the configuration of the surrounding terrain, over which a block of accommodation units hovers, generates new unexpected and captivating ambiances providing hundreds of opportunities for active recreation in nature.

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Status: Under Construction
My Role: Co- Author
Additional Credits: ZDL studio: Siniša Zdjelar, Antonija Plavotić, Petra Komadinić, Zora Starčevič, Jovana Krstić