Miles Associates

Miles Associates

Oklahoma City, OK


Corporate Healthcare Clinic

A large Oklahoma City Corporation decided take healthcare into its own hands and provide its employees with an on-campus medical clinic. As part of the company's Wellness Program, the clinic is open to all employees and their dependents. It is a sophisticated, sleek clinic intended to be employees' main health provider.

The main design goals of the clinic are convenience and hospitality. There is a 'no waiting' policy, thereby eliminating the ubiquitous waiting room from the architectural program. There are a total of six Care Suites including two designated as “specialty” suites that are adaptable for the future services. Each suite is 200-square feet and has a Consultation' area that is separated from the 'Exam' area by a decorative curtain.

The clinic incorporates typical support spaces: two physician offices, two administrative offices, a copy room, a specimen collection and point-of-care testing laboratory, a medication/pharmacy room to store more medicines and vaccines than are typically found at medical office, a soiled/sterilization collection room with a flash sterilizer, a clean supply, a medical supply and a storage room. There is also a children's area with hands on activities for those employees that bring their kids.

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Status: Built
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, US