Mexico, MX



Regina Escalante (Mexico) and Vincent Ross (France) founded Merci in the city of Mérida in 2014. Their gastronomic success made them a benchmark within the city and they decided to expand their business under a concept that communicates the values their kitchen represents.

The concept developed sought to integrate references to their places of origin through the combination of materials which results in the creation of an open space with different atmospheres.

The project organizes space through wooden vaults. The first bay is larger and is segmented by frames and metal mesh. Four other smaller vaults do not close their arch creating an opening that allows a feeling of spaciousness and continuity. The vaults supported on steel beams suspended from the slab also act as a source of indirect lighting.

It is emphasized the use of exposed brick, French pottery and polished concrete floor with Yucatecan tiles. The mixture of textures, chromatic and naked expression of each material generates a language of rich contrasts that go hand in hand with the kitchen that distinguishes the restaurant: handmade , fresh and attentive to detail.

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Status: Built
Location: Mérida, MX
Firm Role: DESIGN
Additional Credits: MATERIA | Gustavo Carmona + Lisa Beltrán
Team: Karla Uribe, Eva Larrea, Aline Peimbert, Denise Hantusch

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jaime Navarro