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We conceived the architecture of Alfonso Marina’s showroom in High Point, not only as a store, but as a space that managed to express the brand’s identity. The architecture arises, firstly, from Materia’s interpretation of the brand. We understood Alfonso Marina as a centenary work based on processes, craftsmanship, wit, and attention to detail, which altogether build the brand’s legacy. These qualities made us feel related to the brand, since we both capture a passion for detail in our work. This vocation drives us in a constant search for material and spatial experimentation.

Our main objective was to create spaces that gave the visitor a un unique perceptual experience, conformed by different atmospheres, which faithfully reflected the soul of the furniture. Each one of these areas follow a particular spatiality and communicate a different meaning.

The showroom not only exhibits the furniture, but accomplishes, through the space, to tell a story of the brand and their creations. The furniture is shown and understood as a timeless element, an encapsulated universe of process and craftsmanship; as sacred objects with a character and stories to be told. From these ideas the concept of the Alfonso Marina temple emerged with spaces that serve as thresholds and create a spatial sequence based on the experience of the user.

The journey begins in a space of initiation and purification; whose function is to decontextualize the visitor and prepare their senses. To communicate the brand’s legacy and craftsmanship, this space exhibits tools used by Alfonso Marina’s craftsmen, this creates expectancy and mystery for the visitor; inside they will see a process of time, technique and material. A circular space designed as an ambulatory exhibits a single protagonist piece that prepares the user for a journey of pause and contemplation.

The second area, which functions as a reception, is an immersive space; the users find themselves surrounded by wooden elements made by the Alfonso Marina’s craftsmen; here the brand’s workmanship and detail expertise are shown and honored.

The visitors continue their journey towards the exhibition passage in which the brand’s story is told, showing their most iconic pieces of furniture in a museographic way. The furniture is framed by walls that give hierarchy and create a space for contemplation. This hallway is covered by a wooden ceiling that was also manufactured by the talented craftsmen of the Alfonso Marina’s factory. The corridor converges in an “altar” where one of the brand’s masterpiece is exhibited as a vestige of their legacy.

Annexed to the previous hall, there are two open exhibition areas that show furniture of different styles, characterized by the brand’s eclecticism and timelessness. While the furniture inside the hall is understood as statement pieces with a strong identity; those in the open areas are shown in the everydayness of the product. The user can observe both since the pathway between the different areas is fluid. Each visitor can create their own experience.

Telling the Alfonso Marina’s history through the architecture. Our main objective was to create spaces that gave you a un unique perceptual experience, conformed by different atmospheres, which faithfully reflected the soul of the furniture.

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Status: Built
Location: High Point, NC, US
Firm Role: Architects