Rolando Lopez Lopez

Rolando Lopez Lopez

Saint Louis, MO, US


The Illuminated Wall

Irish Monasteries have an important role in the history of the modern world. Throughout the dark ages, priests stored and reproduced the texts from the old world – saving many of them from extinction. As a result from this practice, many religious settlements were established in Ireland. In establishing these settlements, time and numerology played a large role. Priests were to pray seven times a day: from sunrise to after sunset. The ideal settlement was to be divided into quadrants, in which fourteen units are placed around a centralized cluster: the church.

Using an analytical drawing as a matrix, information is drawn forward to create
a field , giving birth to an articulated ground. One of the rays of the construct is further explored as an intervention concerned with the idea of occupying a layered wall that emerges from the ground. Through layered constructions, visitors experience a plethora of spacial and light conditions. The dialog set forth by the layers relates to the illuminated manuscripts the irish crafted in their monasteries.

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Status: School Project