Rolando Lopez Lopez

Rolando Lopez Lopez

Saint Louis, MO, US


The Desert Breathing Machine

A proposed interfaith chapel lies somewhere within both the definition of monument and monster.Unusual, it takes its main cone-like forms from the hyper concentration of churches, spires, and bell towers. It’s typology likewise mirrors the red rock spires reaching endlessly towards the heavens. As an iconographically charged project, both secular and spiritual, it draws from the memories and dreams of Sedona and manifests itself to serve as an interfaith chapel, way-finder and monument. 

Sedona, Arizona is classified as a dry continental climate. The area experiences high dirunal swings during 24 hour periods and long sun exposure even during winter months. The area also experiences moderate breezes from the northest. 

In order to maintain a more constant temperature, and to relate to a feeling of refuge, the building is entirely underground. In our pursuit of optimizing architectural form and passive climate control, we devised a comprehensive environmental control strategy for the Sedona landscape in Arizona. Our project employs a combination of Solar Chimneys and Evaporative Cooling Waterfalls.

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Status: School Project
Location: Arizona, AR
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Group Project, in collaboration with Joshua Chan, Adolfo Maalindog, Tryja Dragan, Jing Bao, Garett House