Rolando Lopez Lopez

Rolando Lopez Lopez

Saint Louis, MO, US


Landscape House

This project sets up the premise of designing a second home for an affluent art-collecting couple in the outskirts of Marfa, TX. The husband is a swimmer and writer, requiring a lap pool, and a library. The wife is an aviator/astronomer requiring a landing strip and an observatory. The house in the desert is understood as two lines in an immense landscape. One line rises up from the earth and becomes a plinth: an elevated platform for living. The other plane descends from the sky, bounding the horizon and becoming the unifying roof. Bound between these two planes is the living box, a pristine translucent entity which relates itself to the landscape through transparency, and to the human through scale and materiality. The two lines meet by means of monolithic structural volumes, which emerge from the roof and touch the ground to structure the house. The form of the roof and columns is meant to relate to the mountainous landscape in which the house rests upon. Programmatic elements which need enclosure for privacy become thick walled boxes which peek out of the glass box.

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Status: School Project
Location: Marfa, TX, US
My Role: Designer