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Creative Industrial Center, Hebei Province, China

LATITUDE has been commissioned to design a new industrial development in the north region of China, Hebei province. This industrial complex contains office space, industrial buildings, dwellings and, therefore, an extension of the urban fabric.

In the constant-modernization process that China is experiencing currently, buildings have become the momentary embodiment of an opportunistic financial enterprise. Thus, this proposal aims to develop a rich landscape that will provide a specific identity to the plot despite any changes that might happen to the architecture’s image in the future.

Instead of defining the concrete position and volume of the buildings, the proposal aims to establish a strategy of implementation. This strategy is developed with a theoretical landscape “bar code” that implies a variety of green-density areas: 60% in the office area; 40% in the factories area to provide workers more comfortable living environment throughout their daily lives; and 30% in the commercial and residential activities.

This strategy implementation has been planned together with a renewable-energy-development strategy: geo-thermally heating/cooling system; a lake which creates a natural cooling effect and collects rainwater, and energy-efficient solar panels equipment on the top of every factory’s saw-tooth roof.

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Status: Unbuilt