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Ammo Hotel, Sanya, China

Just as every home represents the unique lifestyle and attitude of its owner, every hotel has its own unique personality. Thus, hotel rooms represent the ideal relationship between individual inhabitants and their desired lifestyles.

Situated in Luhuitou Bay, this boutique hotel consists of 42 individual guest rooms with a diverse range of room styles.

The rooms are organized in four levels, with three different spatial arrangements, which invite individual guests to experience its distinctive spaces. Besides the standard living room, bathroom and bedroom that all rooms have, guests can find a multifunctional space, which can be used for meditation, yoga, or other activities, on a mezzanine level, along with a terrace facing the sea.

The organization of the project starts on the ground level with the reception area. The guest rooms are situated in the west area of the floor plan, separate from the other areas, while the common facilities are in the east area. There is a wide hallway with a high ceiling that is visually open to the outdoor area with the swimming pool, and organizes the layout by connecting both areas. This hallway provides access to all of the supporting facilities: the fitness club, business center, store, cafeteria, restaurant and a chill-out lounge, ending up in the lounge area. The ceiling of this corridor has been conceived as a “sky” with light and translucent planes, as if it was a morning cloud that spreads throughout the hotel.


In addition to this, the proposal takes advantage of the remarkable location of the project by maximizing the exposure to natural light and ensuring that all spaces can face and enjoy the landscape.

All of the areas, including the guest rooms and common areas, have been designed to incorporate materials with the intention of creating a suitable theme that fits the hotel's idyllic environment. Dark wood, glass, fabric and copper are the basic ingredients, which are combined to create the different areas of the hotel.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Sanya, Hainan, China