Pia Lambeth

Pia Lambeth

London, GB


Lower Lea Valley

To structure the investigation of Lower Lea Valley, the established concepts and methodologies were
used to study the qualities, complexities, and potentials of the existing territories and to understand,
question, and test the relationship between the local and regional fabric.
The analysis of the Lower Lea Valley was carried out along three particular lines of infrastructure –
the greenway, the railway line, and the roads.
The lines were specifically chosen as tools of investigation, as they are completely different from one
another in terms of the speed of movement along them, their porosity and their physical characteristics.
Each of these lines reveal complexities as they traverse different conditions and circumstances along
their length, thus these lines of infrastructure became interesting tools to investigate and analyse the
Lower Lea Valley and gain an understanding of the whole region.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Architectural Association MA Program 2011-2012
Urban Investigation of Industrial Area.