Pia Lambeth

Pia Lambeth

London, GB




Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), London, GB, Masters, Housing & Urbanism

The H&U Programme engages architecture with the challenges of contemporary urban strategies. Today’s metropolitan regions show tremendous diversity and complexity with significant global shifts in the patterns of urban growth and decline. Architecture has a central role to play in this dynamic context, developing far-reaching strategies and generating new urban clusters and types. The programme focuses on understanding important changes in the contemporary urban condition and showing how architectural intelligence can support constructive responses to these trends. We combine cross-disciplinary research with design application, and students’ work is divided among three equally important areas: design workshops; lectures and seminars; and a dissertation or design thesis which allows students to develop an extended and focused study synthesizing design and urban research.

Sep 2011 - Sep 2012

UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE CHILE, Santiago, CL, Bachelors, Architecture

Graduated with Distinction.

Mar 2004 - Sep 2010


Becas Chile, Scholarship

Becas Chile is a scholarship program given by Chilean Government in recognition to students with proven academic excellence.
The Scholarship's line of action seeks to enlarge the number of researchers and professionals with outstanding capacities in all areas of knowledge in order to contribute to Chile's future development and its active participation in a globalized world.


Areas of Specialization