Pia Lambeth

Pia Lambeth

London, GB


Julia House

Based on the client’s insights on how a house should incorporate her workshop, we developed a
proposal that speaks about the everyday life of a craftswoman that deals with the dichotomy of a
profound inclosed workshop area, and the openness of the rest of the house that sits on top of a hill,
watching the landscape bellow.
Looking into her routine, we realized that the main concept of the house should resemble any other
work of art, where the process of creation is more important than the final result. To accomplish this,
we decided that the aesthetics of the house should talk about an unfinished work, where the every
day life would keep on adding elements that bring the house closer to an end, using raw materials
and strong contrasts between textures and colours.
Because the house has two components that are opposite to each other -housing/workshop- but
complementary none the less, we decided to design the space using the Möbius strip concept as
our forerunner to think the way she would move around the house; in this scenario Casa II is nonorientable,
there is no front or back.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Santiago, Chile
My Role: Project architect - project coordinator
Additional Credits: In association with Fredy Holzer.