Pia Lambeth

Pia Lambeth

London, GB


Lambeth House

The starting point of this project was the re-interpretation of Le-Corbusiers Ville Savoye’s ribbon of
window, so as to gain maximum landscape view advantages.
The re-interpretation comes when this ribbon is not kept as one continuous horizontal window
that goes around the house: The ribbon is enlarged or contracted according to light and view

A second important aspect of the project was the inclusion of ‘watchtowers’.
‘Watchtowers’ as a re-interpretation of its military use to a manifesto of transparent vigilance:
From an opaque stone block to a tall and transparent viewpoint, the use of  ‘watchtowers’ help choosing strategic locations of the house that would enable full landscape disclosure.

Finally, one long wooden deck cuts through the house, acting as the main entrance and the private terrace that curves itself until it gently enters the water and becomes part of the family pool.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Santiago, Chile
My Role: Design Architect - Project Architect - Project Coordinator