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Landscape Architecture Bureau

Washington, DC


Diamond Teague Park

Diamond Teague Park, on the Anacostia River (the most polluted river in the US), is the gateway to the emerging SE Waterfront neighborhood and its entertainment district--both an iconic civic space and a case study in riverfront reclamation.

It is the only place on the riverfront that has direct access to the water; from the land side, the public is brought to the water’s edge and from the river, the construction of two new piers, one for water taxis and another for canoes and kayaks, brings people to the neighborhood by boat. It integrates regenerative practices and environmental education to increase awareness about the interrelationships between our social and ecological systems and is the HQ of the Earth Conservation Corps, an organization that involves neighborhood kids in the stewardship and restoration of the river. It is also the westernmost segment of the Anacostia Riverwalk. The approvals process was especially complex: approvals were coordinated with and among several District and federal agencies, including the NPS, Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife Service and Homeland Security.

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Status: Built
Location: Washington, DC, US