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Landscape Architecture Bureau

Washington, DC


7900 Wisconsin Avenue

The courtyard and plaza of 7900 Wisconsin is organized on two levels and is comprised of three primary design elements: a tree-shaded courtyard on the upper level off Wisconsin Ave., a bright, active plaza off Woodmont Ave. and a stone-paved spine that crosses both plaza levels and creates a pedestrian connection between Woodmont and Wisconsin Avenues.

The lower plaza is configured to take advantage of its sunny orientation and the fact of its large frontage on Woodmont. In addition, most of the pedestrian and retail activity is located to the west of the site. It is marked by an iconic landform--a large, pyramidal turf mound at the Woodmont Avenue sidewalk. The upper courtyard has a twofold purpose: it serves as an intimately scaled entry to the two residential buildings and also provides a shady seating area for the public. It is modeled on Paley Park in New York City. The diagonal path leads the pedestrian to the front doors of the two residential buildings and at the same time providing a clear visual connection to Woodmont Avenue.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bethesda, MD, US