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Brown's Island Park

Brown’s Island Park is on an island in the James River, adjacent to downtown Richmond.  Originally formed by the building of the Haxall Canal, a water-power channel dating to the early 19th century, the island had for decades been a dumping ground for industrial detritus.  The decision by a local public/private partnership to spur revitalization of the riverfront prompted a redesign of the island, linking it to the rest of the historic waterfront by means of a new pedestrian bridge to the north and the Haxall Canal Walk to the east.  The park accommodates many uses in addition to its linking function: picnics and lunches for downtown workers, performance venue, festival grounds and river viewing/fishing. The platform where the bridge meets the island serves as seating for festivals and performances. A grove of Sycamores provides a shady picnic area while the rest of the island is open for play and summer festivals. In addition, the framework of a disused lock was rehabbed and extended into the river a a fishing pier and viewing platform.

Designed by Jonathan Fitch with HOH Associates.

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Status: Built
Location: Richmond, VA, US