The Los Angeles Biennale

Currently at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Formerly at the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism.



Feb '14 - May '14

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    Made in China and maybe everywhere else

    Andrew Wilcox
    Feb 23, '14 4:59 AM EST

    A name scribbled on a cup and thrown into the OMA “exhibition.” This irreverent act on the reverent situation that is a biennale is critical to our LA Biennale– a moment, a message in the bottle of the Shenzhen Biennale.  In this singular exploit, the creative director of our biennale made our contribution.  Go on Orhan.


    Maybe that is it; an actual LA Biennale must never actually be in LA.  Maybe our biennale is only a series of messages encapsulated and floating in and amongst the clever statements and grand ambitions that have come to define the contemporary biennale.  All other biennales are the platform for every other performance of this, the LA Biennale.  We are them and they are us.  Our biennale is an exercise in restrained resistance to the self-promotion that precedes our Los Angeles’ self.  Keep LA an idea.  To solidify and structuralize the things that LA is would be to defy the more important and interesting idea that LA may be. 


    The LA Biennale is a critical periphery.   A geography of opportunity. The LA Biennale is as Mr. Kerouac says– one quick move or I am gone.  

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The Los Angeles Biennale is an experimentation in creating a nomadic biennale on urbanism, hosted by the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. This blog will cover the preparation, activities and findings from this experiment.

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