Karen Lohrmann

Karen Lohrmann

Naples, IT; Berlin, DE



Karen Lohrmann is an artist, urbanist and writer currently based in Naples and Berlin. Through her work she monitors, depicts and interprets landscape, from terrain to territory, from premise to significance. She studied art history, scenic design and architecture in Aachen, Zurich and Berlin, worked for documentary and genre film productions, and practices, writes and teaches in the arts, cultural production, landscape and urbanism (University of Innsbruck, Harvard Graduate School of Design, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, TU Berlin). Together with Stefano de Martino, she started the collaborative Karen Lohrmann & Stefano de Martino in 2001, the edition Correspondents in 2009, and directed the platform Urban States from 2011 until 2014. She is coeditor of Clear Skies with Patches of Grey (2003), editor of Midsize America (2012), and coauthor of Update All Possible Worlds (2008), How we spent it (2009), and Waiting Land (2017)


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The Los Angeles Biennale : Currently at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Formerly at the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism.

The Los Angeles Biennale is an experimentation in creating a nomadic biennale on urbanism, hosted by the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. This blog will cover the preparation, activities and findings from this experiment.

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Book Review: "The City in the City—Berlin: A Green Archipelago. A manifesto", Thu, Jul 31 '14

When its first seeds were presented in 1977, Berlin: A Green Archipelago was a quiet, prescient manifesto. Oswald Mathias Ungers and a number of colleagues at Cornell University deviated from the intellectual tenets of current reconstruction efforts, seen in the post-war development of ...

Book Review: 'The City in the City—Berlin: A Green Archipelago. A manifesto'