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Feb '14 - May '14

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    A brief report from the Value Factory, Shekou, Shenzhen

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Feb 22, '14 6:57 PM EST

    Saturday was the full day we have got to work as Ole Bouman, the Creative Director of UABB officially welcomed us and opened the Los Angeles Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism for working sessions.

    We have selected a public space in the cafeteria to conduct our business, engaging the public continuously. We sit around a 20' x 6' table and talk about Los Angeles and collect words, images and sounds for our book, a manual of sorts, we aim to finish Sunday in either print form and/or digitally.

    We have a challenge of editing mountainous material we have been collecting.

    Saturday we briefly summarized our previous informal discussions and start to further plot our course of development, making Los Angeles our experimental subject. First we concentrated on individually presenting our work and commenting on each presentation.

    I started first by reading Apartment Stories. The piece and following discussion showed a fictional face and a research based writing on Los Angeles housing, densification and gentrification. I tried to hypothesize that it was possible to take the conversation outside of the usual technical writing of architecture we see in most printed material and bring in front of the public via interwoven pieces like this. 

    My reading was followed by Sarah Lorenzen who presented a piece she realized with her students who documented and narrated series of real life stories growing up in different parts of the world, emphasizing there is much more to generation "Y" than most expert generalize in the media.

    Then we moved on to Aris Janigian who read from his novel This Angelic Land, offering a lyrical perspective on the Rodney King Riots, aka, Rodney King Uprising which generated many opinions and descriptions on fragility and divisional aspects of the city. Aris went on and read another excerpt from his upcoming poetic novel based around Chateau Marmont and LA's celebrity culture.

    The day was concluded by Andy Wilcox presentation on Los Angeles and its natural ecology wonderfully depicted by serious illustrations and photography, centerpieced by carp fishing in L.A. River and subsequent feast of the catch.

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