Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Orlando, FL, US


Opa Locka Jet Engine Manufacturing Facility

This facility is a response to Opa Locka's inception as an aviation hub, as a place for people
from all over the world to fly into. It is an homage to the pieces that provided Opa Locka
with its early success. The main function is the jet engine manufacturing facility which is a
tensile structure suspended from the inside of large exposed steel trusses. The top of the hall
is open to allow for ventilation and is covered by an arc of solar panels running it's length. It
is bookended by a service building to the south and an aviation museum to the north. Also,
being adjacent to the current airport there, the setbacks must take into account the
airplanes' takeoff trajectories.

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Status: School Project
Location: Opa Locka, FL, US