Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Orlando, FL, US


Dodge Island Master Plan

The Dodge Island Ferry Terminal was born out of a need to reduce the amount of traffic on
Miami's roads and airports. It provides a safe, fast, and easy method of travel throughout
Biscayne Bay as well as routes to the Keys, Cuba, and the Bahamas. The terminal building is
a pentagon of continuous movement on and off the streets, proposed metro line, and ferries.
In its center is a large wooded courtyard that doubles as the vehicle staging area housed
underneath. Extending out into the bay are the loading and unloading docks. Vehicles and
supplies are loaded here as the pedestrians wait above. Adjacent to the terminal is a series of
small, easily walkable blocks and a boardwalk along the shoreline. This provides opportunities
for businesses to take advantage of the large amount of traffic generated by a transportation
hub. It also gives people a reason to stay in the area instead of it becoming a transitional
space to greater Miami.

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US